We help and empower independent shop owners of Auto Repair Shops, Trucks & Trailer Shops and Collision shops to improve their management of their businesses through education, networking and consulting provided by qualified shop owners and industry professionals..

Providing effective solutions for Independent Auto, HD Truck & Collision Repair businesses around the world

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Shop Management Alliance “SMA” is an alliance of experienced and independent Auto, HD Truck & Collision Repair Business owners from all corners of the US, who have combined their experience and resources to gain a better understanding of the industry and how to keep pace with its evolution in modern times. The team who developed this class consists of 10 shop owners and a management consultant with a combined industry experience of 250 years. With our hands on approach, we believe in helping and empowering business owners and service advisors through training and consultation. Our group is about helping Independent Auto Repair Shops to deliver great service and succeed in today’s sometimes challenging world. Our seminar courses were developed to address key aspects of running a business, which are unique to our industry.

What Our Members Say

“When it comes to shop consultants there are loads groups that talk a good game, but Nick and Robert help you make it happen. They have enabled me, coached me and given me the confidence to grow my shop into the business I have always wanted. From the start of our collaboration they have coached me through purchasing the business, laying down the ground work of systemizing my shop, & helped me train my staff into the professional team they are today. The Shop Management Alliance offers weekly topics covered for Service Advisors as well as business owners to continue growth and teach the background required to operate a safe, viable, law abiding professional business, not just a shop. The other owners in the alliance are all on the same boat together, often sharing ideas & policies as well as marketing that have all been proven to be successful by actual shop teams. With over 220 years of combined shop owning & managing experience this collaboration has made my life easier as well as more fun, freeing me up to be an owner, not an employee. I am ever thankful to SMA for helping me achieve the business I have today and look forward to a profitable future helping me as an owner change the lives of my staff as well as growing the appreciation to our industry.”
- Brandon Anderson, Aardvark Automotive
“I have Personally Improved and Expanded my Business in Many Ways through SMA.
Gain Value, Have Stability, Be Profitable, and Get Results when you join Shop Management Alliance!”
- Vince Belardo, Owner
“My name is Brian Nerger owner of Nerger’s Auto Express. This year we will be starting our 30th year in business. For many of these 30 years it seem like such a struggle to me. Much of my business seemed very confusing to me and hard to control with all the moving pieces of marketing, finance, employee management and profitability. This past year has been totally different than all of the other years. We actually had our most profitable year in business. This year we have gotten some amazing education, ideas, advice and exposure from Nick, Robert and all the other shops in Shop Management Alliance. We are like a family of shop owners all helping each other and a education like no where else. I have to say that my involvement with Shop Management Alliance has brought some excitement back into my life and my business again. Thanks Shop Management Alliance.”
- Brian Nerger
"Everybody helping one another. That’s really what the Shop Management Alliance is all about. The members bring lots of knowledge and experience and points of view to the table. I like that because I can bring business questions to the group and get solid workable answers. But the leadership of the group is what really makes it special. Nick really cares about you and your business. For the money, you get tons of knowledge, support and different ways of learning about how to grow your shop. And you can’t run and hide because Nick holds you accountable! Overall I’d say that I’m getting more of the right things done and my business is more efficient since joining SMA. I feel focused and grounded and I’m taking more action. I’m definitely working more on my business than in my business. As for the direct benefits to my shop – well, I’m following my stats like never before and its shown me where pitfalls are in my business like employees not billing out. This alone has made a big impact on my bottom line. I would definitely recommend the Shop Management Alliance to any shop owner. Nick is a professional who knows what he’s doing and he’ll keep you on track and taking action to build your business."
- Greg Sardinha
"Before I started working with Shop Management Alliance we had the basics covered but I was looking for ways to grow my chain of three independent truck repair shops and make them more profitable. Since working with SMA I’ve gone from a shop owner working in the business to a business owner working on my business. This is the most organized mastermind/20 group I’ve been a part of and the networking, accountability and management skills I’ve learned here have allowed me to take my business to the next level. I now delegate jobs better, have put systems in place to streamline my business processes and we’ve implemented weekly calls with my managers, service writers and myself and for the first time, I feel like we are all truly on the same page. Overall I've found Nick Rahkonen to be a very honest and trustworthy person to do business with and he’s really built something special with SMA. I highly recommend the Shop Management Alliance to any shop owner who is ready to take the next step in growing their business."
- Dan Prahl
"The camaraderie in this group has been awesome! It’s nice to know that you’re not doing it alone and you have direct access to other shop owners who are in the same situations that you’re dealing with every day. Being able to bounce ideas around and get feedback from my peers has been a huge benefit. Probably the biggest financial benefit I’ve received is that Nick and the rest of the group hold me accountable for how I manage the shop. I now keep a trained eye on my financials and view them from a different perspective. This new focus has increased our gross profit by 50% in the past year since we’ve started working with SMA. I would tell any shop owner thinking about joining SMA to just do it. There are lots of benefits to being in the group and you’re going to take something away that will help you grow your business."
- Kevin Finn

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